Artist Statement

My interest in the art of ancient Korean Joomchi papermaking techniques have taken me on an exploration of the significance of women’s work in Korea to our relationship to each other across cultures and then to our connection with nature and ultimately to God.

The “Whisper-Romance” series began as a result of a conversation I had with my father in Korea after reading a disturbing article in the newspaper. It was a story about a son killing his parents. My father said, “This has happened because the essential relationship has been broken.”

My thoughts on this concept became the foundation for this series: the many facets of broken relationships.

We have “horse whisperers” and “dog whisperers” but I believe we need “human whisperers” to heal what has been broken in our essential relationship to ourselves, to nature and to God. It is important to be reminded of how important and valuable each of our lives are - regardless of where or how we were raised or what position we find ourselves in now- to enjoy living life to the fullest.

The holes, layers and free mounting of my work represent these conversations, the whispers and the breath between them.

“The Relationship between God and Human”
Whisper- Romance